★★★★★ | Mexican Quinoa Salad - #Recipes of Lisa

★★★★★ | Mexican Quinoa Salad

★★★★★ |   Mexican Quinoa Salad
★★★★★ |   Mexican Quinoa Salad

★★★★★ |   Mexican Quinoa Salad
By Let's Cooking
^^ CLICK TO SEE FULL RECIPES ^^ The most delectable Mexican Quinoa Salad all things considered. Sound avocado, dark beans, a pontoon heap of cilantro and a little warmth make this Mexican quinoa formula more than complete.  | #let'scooking

Planning Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
All out Time 15 minutes
Servings 4 individuals


  • 1 cup quinoa 
  • 1-1.5 cups vegetable stock 
  • 1/2 red onion 
  • 1 cup cooked dark beans 
  • 2 tomatoes 
  • 1 cob cooked corn 
  • 2 little avocado (ready however firm) 
  • 2 hands full cilantro leaves 
  • 1-2 red chillies 
  • 2 limes 
  • Salt 
  • Pepper 


  1. Include quinoa and stock into a pot and bring to the bubble. When bubbling lessen heat quickly to low and cover firmly with top. Cook for approx. 15 minutes or until done. Or on the other hand include 1 cup quinoa and 1 cup juices to Instant Pot. Go valve to fixing. Set to 1 moment on high weight and afterward let weight discharge normally (takes around 10 minutes). 
  2. Wash and deseed tomatoes and shakers into corn-size pieces. 
  3. Wash and strip onion and cleave VERY finely. 
  4. Strip avocado and bones into corn-size pieces. 
  5. Wash and cleave cilantro leaves. Add to bowl. 
  6. Flush beans and add to bowl. 
  7. Cut off bits from ear of corn. 
  8. Wash and cleave bean stew. 
  9. Once quinoa is cooked, lighten with a fork. Add to bowl with every single other fixing. 
  10. Season with salt, pepper and a great deal of lime juice. Mix and serve.


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