★★★★★ | Melted Snowman Cookies - #Recipes of Lisa

★★★★★ | Melted Snowman Cookies

★★★★★ | Melted Snowman Cookies
★★★★★ | Melted Snowman Cookies

★★★★★ | Melted Snowman Cookies
By Let's Cooking
^^ CLICK TO SEE FULL RECIPES ^^ Simple sugar treats get transformed into the cutest snowman treats. Utilize our preferred sugar treat icing to make these very straightforward. There's no should be impeccable as you ice on the grounds that every snowman liquefies in an unexpected way!  | #let'scooking

Planning TIME: 0 HOURS 20 MINS
All out TIME: 0 HOURS 45 MINS


  • 1 dozen heated sugar treats 
  • 6 marshmallows, divided at an edge 
  • White treat icing, for enriching 
  • Dark treat icing or softened chocolate, for brightening 
  • 12 orange jimmies, for noses 
  • 24 small scale M&M's, for catches 
  • Chocolate jimmies, for arms 


  1. Spread white treat what tops off an already good thing to make liquefied masses. 
  2. Enrich marshmallows with dark treat icing to make spots for eyes and a grin (or smile). 
  3. Addition an orange jimmy into the marshmallow for a nose. 
  4. Spot marshmallow on treat icing and include more treat icing around the neck to verify it. 
  5. Enliven fastens and arms: Place smaller than usual M&M's on treat icing for catches and include chocolate jimmies for arms.


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